Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday my true love!

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When my eyes close, the mind clears, my thoughts run true and I begin the wonderful journey of the love I have for you.
A place of waterfalls and mountains with colorfull rainbows that glow, holding you dearest in my heart.
I will never let you go!
We walk along the ocean's shore, laughing as we watch the sunset reminiscing about the last nigth back to the day we met.
And it is then I look at you and realize, the closest I've been to haven is through the sharing of our lives.
I will always give my love to you because one thing is certain:
Dreams do come true!

I wish the best for you today and always!


Dora said...

Sandrinha que coisa mais liiiiiiinda! Parabens pro Frank felicidades mil!!!